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ICCF19 Lenr Giapponese per la decontaminazione nucleare

The Launch of a New Plan on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science at Tohoku University

#Yasuhiro Iwamura1, Jirohta Kasagi1, Hidetoshi Kikunaga1,

Hideki Yoshino2, Takehiko Itoh2, Masanao Hattori2, Tadahiko Mizuno3

1 Condensed Matter Nuclear Reaction Division, Research Center for Electron Photon Science, Tohoku University, Japan

2 CLEAN PLANET Inc., Japan

3Hydrogen Engineering Application & Development Company, Japan

A new research division devoted to condensed matter nuclear science commenced operations in April, 2015.

The Research Center for Electron Photon Science of Tohoku University and CLEAN PLANET Inc. agreed to the establishment of the collaborative research division – Condensed Matter Nuclear Reaction Division. This is the first official research division for the condensed matter nuclear science and its application in Japan.

In this division, fundamental research on condensed matter nuclear reaction, R&D on energy generation and nuclear waste decontamination will be performed. The members of the new division consists of researchers of Tohoku University, CLEAN PLANET including HEAD (Hydrogen Engineering Application & Development Company). Iwamura and Itoh left a research center of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at the end of March to joined the division.

The nuclear waste decontamination research is supported by the ImPACT Program “Reduction and Resource Recycle of High Level Radioactive Wastes with Nuclear Transformation”, which is a Japanese national research project. The Electron Photon Science of Tohoku University and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries jointly obtained the funding for the project.

Details of the project will be shared during the conference.

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