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Home less Hopeless I’m walking on the roads of life

Home less, Hopeless  I’m walking on the roads of life

Home lessHome.

Home less Hopeless

I’m walking on the roads of life

asking everyone if all that I see

it’s only a dream, a bad dream, a nightmare …


Far to home, without hope, without future.


I know what’s meaning love

but I cannot catch the love.

I know what’s meaning happyness

but it’s very far from me.


It’s dark. My soul is in the darkness

my thoughts are full of doubts.

I’m only waiting

I would understand if it’s only an illusion,

Only shadows, only an close path.


I would speak with my friends

with the people of my family

but not now.

Now I prefere to keep calm and quiet

to wait the change of tide,

from high to low to cross the road

now hidden from the water of ocean

and to arrive, at last, in the isle of myself

a poor imperfect God

choosen to become perfect.


Yes, it was many year ago,

it was an eighth of March

I tried to know if the friendship was a bad friendship

or a simple … or it was more of a normal friendship

something of beautiful to keep carefull as it was a hidden treasure

hidden as the road under the big waters

where it’s impossible to breath.

Home Like to a man, a merchant, seeking goodly pearls,

who having found one pearl of great price,

having gone away, hath sold all,

as much as he had, and bought it.


Like that man I found my pearl in my isle

but the tide is changed

and four walls of water are around me

and I cannot show anyone the wished gem that I finded,

that it was just in front of me, into my mind, into the deep of my heart.


But this isn’t a problem

this is a time to enjoy my treasure

She lights all my sight, the place is full of light.

She is as a star, as a sun, in my hands.

There will be a time to show to all what it is,

how is possible to find the road, to perform the path.


It was a charism born and

when a charism borns a new strength graze us

a new grace change the world, the crazy world,

giving it a pulsing heart,

full of charisms, grace and love,

to able to transform the earth

in only thing, in one loving heart,

asking to Lord:

‘Come Back, keep the promise to rebuild Sion’.


Yes my Lord, I Know, you rebuild Sion,

joining hearts that love, as you did:

Jesus, therefore, having seen his mother, and the disciple standing by,

whom he was loving, he saith to his mother, ‘Woman, lo, thy son;’

afterward he saith to the disciple, ‘Lo, thy mother;’

and  from that hour the disciple took her to his own HOME.

Claudio Pace Blogger 10 Marzo 2015 su Home less …

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