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Holy Year 2015 2016 Seven good reasons to visit Terni

Holy Year 2015 2016 Seven good reasons to visit Terni

Holy Year 2015 2016

1) Terni is in the middle from Rome and Assisi,

from Rome to Norcia and Casciafrom Rome to Montecastrilli or Collevalenza,

called also Italian Lourdes because many sick people and devote pilgrims go to confession

and wash in the pools to ask to the Lord purged himself  their sins , to rid  from evil.

If you would to go from Rome to Assisi or to Norcia and Cascia or to Montecastrilli or Collevalenza you’ll have to cross Terni.

2) Terni is full of Saint Francis memories.

Saint Francis stopped in Terni, near the St. Christopher’s church

and thanked the bishop of Terni to have said that the Holy Spirit used him ignorant and illiterate to do known himself .

Today, after so many centuries since that historic visit, Pope Francis appointed a Franciscan,  as bishop of Terni.

Are linked to St. Francis, among other things, the Holy Cave of Narni, the San Francis’s sanctuary

and the protomartyrs Franciscans sanctuary in Terni,

San Bernardino’s Convent in Montefranco and parish church of Piediluco near Greccio the town where living crib was done.

It isn’t just a coincidence  that important documentation (coming from Romita of  Terni)

about a new biography of Saint Francis, Legenda Umbra,

it  was discovered in the Municipal Terni’s Library from  Jacques Dalarun, that found it tanks to the his friend, 

Sean Field (professor of  the State University of Vermont).

3) Terni is the town of love,

San Valentine’s Tomb is in the Basilica of San Valentine  in Terni!

The 14th of February people remember the day of Patron Saint.

Everyone who is falling in love must come in Terni and ask to Jesus with intercession of San Valentine eternal love.

4) Terni is the city of “Fellinian Waterfalls“.

Marmore waterfalls are as the big waters of Song of Songs, they will be in front of you. You can go across the tunnel of Love to arrive, with  people you love, in the heart of waterfalls.

[youtube] [/youtube] Ricardo Cinalli Affersco nella facciata interna del duomo di Terni

Holy Year 2015 2016 Terni
Holy Year 2015 2016 Terni: In 1994 a statue of  Virgin Mary, placed at the top of master path of Marmore Waterfalls, wept tears of blood. Now it is   is placed in the parish church of Marmore where you can watch it.

 5) Terni’s Cathedral

is dedicate to Saint Mary of Mercy, here there  is a icon of the Virgin that moved the eyes for a long period the end of 19th century.

Inner the cathedral there is a wonderful little chapel, a jewel of Russian religious contemporary art.
This  is full of histories of Virgin Mary, and you could visit it to ask to the Virgin Mary the graces that you would like.

In the church rests the servant of God Giunio Tinarelli a worker of the local steel industry which was able to transform his suffering into a genuine apostolate of mercy.

At the inner side of façade there is the famous image of the risen Christ with the network that saves the sinners.


6) Terni is full of rest of Roman’s history,  

e.g. Carsule, the San Valentine’s catacombs, the Fausto amphitheater.

Under the ancient  church of St. Salvatore you can watch the all stones of ‘Sun’s temple … also the history of Marmore waterfalls is Roman …

7) Terni means also Industrial Archeology!

It was site of many industries that lives a trace of its life particulary in the energy production.

Very important the industrial catwalk of Telfer in the ancient industrial site of Papigno,

used by Roberto Benigni for his movie “Life is beautiful”,

furthemrore the path five of Marmore waterfalls (with sponge  stone cave), many Hydraulic Power Plant, still working in Galleto.

Claudio Pace Blogger 9 April 2015  Holy Year 2015 2016 

Torna alla Pagina Iniziale Holy Year 2015 2016 Seven good reasons to visit Terni

oneore metelli la fabbrica
Holy Year 2015 2016 Steel company in Terni painted by Oneore Metelli

Holy Year 2015 2016

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