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Internet Patron Carlo Acutis a movie and witness on the Art Center in terni

Internet Patron Carlo Acutis a movie and witness on the art center in terni

Internet Patron

St. Peter and St. Paul are the patrons of Rome, St. Ambrose is the patron saint of Milan, Valentine of Terni … but Internet, a large city as the whole world is, hasn’t a patron.

It looks like that an high Vatican prelate wants to fill this gap, proposing the venerable Carlo Acutis as patron of the Internet!

Documentary about Carlo Acutis

This afternoon I enjoed to watch a first of documentary movie and listen some direct news about Carlo Acutis (Patron Saint of the Internet in pectore) and to understand the reason of the proposal to Carlo Acutis like Internet Patron sounds very good.

Carlo Acutis was born in London in 1991 ( died in 2006 after a suddend and short but strong sick).

He was a very clever guy, who discovered, since was a child, the real presence of Jesus Christ in every tabernacle that is in every church in the world.

It become a catechist at the young age of twelve years, and he liked with his parents to spend much time to visit many places in which the presence of God will be more tangible: Fatima, Assisi, La Verna, Lourdes, La Salette and many others.

A big question

The big question in his mind was:
Why the people do not understand the treasure of the presence of Jesus in the Eucharistic holy bread?

He thought that the church will be full of people and will need to do queues to enter if only the people realize would understand the importance.

He liked to use the computer and camera to create movies realy well done.

He suggested to the priest of his parish (St. Mary Secret) make a site to engage the community for the work and the spirit of the church and the good idea was made after his death ( http: // ).

He understood the high potential of new media to communicate the message of the Gospel and he heard the compulsory to make to know the reality of many and recent Eucharistic miracles.

Teenager apostle model

He felt himself as the loved disciple by Jesus, as John was, John the teenager Apostle.

As in John happened he thought the possibility to listen to the heart of Jesus, remaining in front of the Tabernacle and looking at Him with love, with the roots of soul.

And in some Eucharistic miracle the holy bread changed in human Flesh (of the heart) with the same kind of blood founded on the Holy Shroud in Turin.

The most famous was the miracle in Lanciano, but there is another Was in Buenos Aires in 1996, when the bishop was Bergoglio now Pope Francis.

I’m dying

Very impressive in the film was a fragment of his camera in that he shouted:
“I’m dying.”

The father told me that it was a selfie movie founded on his computer after his death!

It wasn’t a showing of his death, but a cry, serious and happy.

Perhaps he realized that the meeting with Jesus would come very soon and at the same time he thought about the pain for his family and his friends.

I do not know the other people in the room, but, at the end of the film and the testimony of his mother, I felt to recommend my children to his intercession.

Young people can have his the same love for Jesus and his mother, for Eucharistic adoration and holy prayer rosary and first of all, for the daily Mass.

The Daily Mass infact gave Carlo Acutis a full of grace life, a big faith and much love for his brothers starting by his friends and relatives.

Now Carlo Acutis, Patron Internet we hope,  is in the Heaven where he does not rest but works with joy for the sake of many and many young people.

Claudio Pace 26 2 2017 on Internet Patron Carlo Acutis

Internet Patron


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