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Kasagi Jirohta a Short interview about … during ICCF19

Kasagi Jirohta a Short interview about … during ICCF19

Kasagi Jirohta

It’s not easy to interview people that live of science, live and believe in the possibility to perform new paths to know new things as pioner looking for gold, which can find as thin filaments dispersed into not clean water.

Despite being aware of doing not very simple questions to answer in a few words, I tried it, these are the results …

I beg pardon if my questions are not what do you hope to read in this page.

First question was about timing  … (see also here)


Second question was about theories.

During the conference many speakers spoken about a Lenr theorization,  …


The third question seems to you not very important, but Kasagi Jirohta has understood the importance of Padua as ICCf19 site.

Padua means Galileo Galilei, Galileo Galilei means science, Galileo Galilei means change from natural philosphy to modern science, change from an old view to a new view, to a new overview of things …


Watching the answer of Japanese scientist, how don’t remember the passion of Galileo Galilei for science, for life, for the italian language, that wasn’t identified in the age of Galileo as ‘italian’ but as ‘volgare fiorentino’ the language that people spoke in the Florence’s city.

Galileo Galilei in Padua as in Florence had all freedom to say and write all that wished say and write.

He went in Rome because he hoped “Church approvation” to have a large diffusion of the new ideas and he hoped the use of ‘volgare fiorentino’ (instead of latin) to speak about natural philosophical issues.

Now the official scientific language is english, for italian there is a large space in the music’s world, but the official language of universe remains the mathematics, nobody can change this God’s will that Galielo Galieli intuited. (see also here).

Claudio Pace Blogger Padua 16 4 2015 on Kasagi Jirohta

Ubaldo Mastromatteo  Claudio Pace a Padova
Ubaldo Mastromatteo (speaker during the ICCF19) and me during the ‘lunch break’, we found a resturant in a very scientific street. Look the name on the wall … 🙂
Kasagi Jirohta casa Galileo
Kasagi Jirohta and other speakers of ICCF19 conference during a free morning were gone around Padova seeing also via Galieo Galilei where is the Galilei’s home

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