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Nativity Valley or The valley of first christmas crib Greccio Rieti

Nativity Valley

Yesterday, friday 17th of November, invited by Greccio’s guardian Friar Luciano De Giusti

( guardian of franciscan sanctuary of christmas crib not owner as publicly was he proud to tell all)

I went to the press meeting convened to show the nice initiative named “la valle del primo presepe”, “the valley of first  christmas crib”

Crib or manger, how the Rieti’s Bishop told  all the present rembering the importance of manger as God Choise.

The God’s Word choised a manger to come in the world,

to change the world realy, and Francesco understandood the secret of charm night

and wanted living again with his brothers and people of Greccio the switness of ‘the holy night’ in the celestial and Human history.

Ox and Ass

Francesco wanted Donkey and Ox, perahaps, -the Bishop suggest-, thinking to Isaia 1,2 ,

An ox knows its owner, and an ass, its master’s manger; But Israel does not know, my people has not understood,

to invite himself and People to convert and follow the Lord coming

Practically from the 2th of december to the 6th of january it will possible visit all the place of Rieti and Greccio

linked to the Nativity, the Rieti valley will be again the Nativity Valley

see or

Pope Francis

Visiting the valley you can live the same experience of Pope Francis that in the not planned visit made two year ago ( the 4th January 2016) wrote:

January 3, 2016

I thank the Lord for this grace and ask him to bless the Church,

the Bishop of Rieti, the Friars, the faithful, and help us all to discover the star and look for the baby

Welcome in Nativity Valley

Isn’t this christmas an occasion to come in Italy and visit the Nativity Valley?

The Bishop, the friars and people of Greccio and Rieti will be happy to welcome you

First Happy Christmas

Claudio Pace Terni 18 Novembre 2017 su Nativity Valley


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