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ICCF22 Renaissance Banquet and …

ICCF22 Renaissance Banquet and …

ICCF22 Renaissance Banquet and 


Iccf22 Renaissance BanquetIf you want to know the ICCF22 was, from the scientific point of view,

you can watch someone of all videos of conference

that I uploaded in the official playlist of

International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science.

The ICCF22 Renaissance Banquet

(an idea of the chair William Collis) instead

was a moment of leisure, after so much work,

to spend an evening together in ‘Leatitia’.

An evening to remember for the joy and serenity

among all the partecipants to the international conference. 

Iccf22 renaissance banquet

This is a part of the text of the imaginary dialogue between…

The herald:

Let all mouths close but mine!

Pray silence for the redresser of wrong, mistress of a thousand swords,

the lioness of the imperial forests, the peacock of the World,

the Rider on the Spotless Horse,

her serene highness Catherine dei Medici, duchess of Florence

Caterina dei Medici.

Subjects and honoured guests. I pray you all be seated and partake of this our feast.

Tonight we celebrate end of the thirty years war and,

electrochemists can finally sit down with physicists without fear of losing their tenure.

Tonight we celebrate Cold Fusion though it be naught but alchemy and transmutation […]

More or less, this should have been the begining of a dialogue from a nice italian girl (student of physic) in the role of  ‘Caterina de Medici’ with an unprobabile but generous ‘Machiaveli’.

But what realy was been you can only to know watching this video done by

Ruby Carat and put in the you tube ismcns channel and in the ICCF22 playlist.

Poster Session

If you would have come in the “Hall of Posters” during the ‘poster session‘,

you could have believed to be in a market.

Every scientist was happy to show his own poster

and his special idea of Lenr, Cold Fusion, future energy…

with a mention special to Bob Greenyer

that was the best convinced speaker.

ICCF22 Renasseince Banquet

Panel Discussion

An Other special moment was the Initial Panel Discussion, led by the journalist Marianne Macy  (Infinite Energy Magazine) that asked to Bill Collis, David Nagel and Michael McKubre the following questions: 

  1. How many ICCF did you do in your life and what benefits did you get from them?
  2. The first impression that made you the chosen location of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assisi?
  3. 30 years of Cold Fusion and the fire is still lit … from a strictly scientific point of view what has changed in these thirty years regarding our knowledge of the phenomenon?
  4. The results of the Cold Fusion experiments are defined as still controversial. Do You agree with this definition or is it still a result of a prejudice that has accompanied this kind of studies?
  5. Can You explain in two words what lenr means, what are the prospects for moving from pure research to research applied to the industrial and domestic use of Cold Fusion?

At the end of the ‘panel discussion’ I invited Marianne Macy to read the  Canticle of the Brother Sun as tribute to St. Francis of Assisi that wrote the text in that all of sources of energy kind is cited (e.g. Brother Sun, Sister Moon, etc.)

Claudio Pace ICCF22 Renassaince Banquet and … Terni Italy 2019 October the 15th


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